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Note that the different headings used in the descriptions of our offers such as Sport Reporter, Data Journalist, Data Scout, Livescore Operator, Sports Statistician etc... all refer to the same activity.

  • Generalities

  • Who can become a Data Scout?

    Anybody looking to gain experience in the Sports and Media industry is eligible to become a Data Scout.

  • What are the prerequisites to becoming a Data Scout?

    You must be of age, own at least a Smartphone and a PC to complete the training. Due to the international nature of the company, fluency in English is also necessary. As a Freelancer you will be expected to comply with the rules regarding self-employment in your country of residence. 

  • How do I apply to join the network?

    Check out the Open Jobs section or fill out the Quick Apply form at the bottom of the homepage. You will be sent an email detailing any further information shortly after.

  • What kind of contract is proposed?

    Clients only collaborate with Freelance workers meaning there is no employer/employee contractual relationship. You will need to comply with the self-employment regulations in your country of residence.

  • What happens during the recruitment process?

    There are two distinct phases. Firstly, the candidate will cover a full test match at home to demonstrate the skills they have learned from the provided training documentation. This is followed by an oral interview via Skype with a Supervisor.

  • What are my responsibilities?

    As a Livescore Operator, you will attend live sporting events to gather real-time event statistics using the dedicated app downloaded to your own device. 

  • What devices are needed to cover events?

    Two mobile phones. One with internet access so that the event may be covered via the dedicated app, and a second, more basic device, so that your Supervisor may contact you in case of emergencies/requests during the event.

  • Which sports can I cover?

    Many sports are available for coverage. In Europe, there is a particular focus on Basketball, Football, Handball, Ice Hockey, Rugby and Volleyball. American Football, Baseball and Cricket are also available, particularly in the United States and India respectively.

  • Do I have to meet a certain quota of games?

    Absolutely not! As a Freelancer, you can apply to cover as few or as many games as you wish.

  • How much are the fees per event?

    Fees depend on the country, the sport and the division concerned. For each game, you receive either a global budget that must include your match fee and your expenses, or a basic fee plus the additional expenses refund (transport and ticket mainly). You can see the different default budget for each country at the Article 27. of the Terms and Conditions

  • When and how do I get paid?

    The payment for the games covered is sent once a month (usually between the 15th and the 20th) once an invoice has been received. For example, all games covered in January are paid from mid-February.

    For Data Scouts who live in one of the member countries of the EURO currency zone, money is sent via a regular bank transfer. For other people, the payment can be done through an online company.

  • Technical issues

  • I can't register on the client website

    Most often, the issue with the registration form on the client website is due to the location map.

    If you are facing this kind of message on the location map: "your address does not match..." then your address is likely not being recognised on which is used as reference.

    1] Check on Google Map to see if you can find your exact address using the Search function.
    If so, take note of the information displayed (street, zipcode and city) and add it to the dedicated fields of the registration form. If not, try to find out the closest known address from your home.

    2] Pay attention to the format of the displayed address on Google Map. It can be a bit sensitive. It is possible that "15 middleway st." is recognisable but "15 middleway street" is not, for example. 

    3] Finally, zoom the location map on the registration form and click on many places near your home until the error message disappears.

  • I can't install the App on iOS

    If you are using an iPhone and are not able to install the client application because of an Untrusted Enterprise Developer message, go to Settings: General > Profiles > from your mobile phone and approve the profile of the client concerned.